Liebesflucht - Love Exit - Flying Love

Liebesflucht - Love Exit - Flying Love

A Rip in the Veil !
1. Aufl.

von: Heike Thieme

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Veröffentl.: 12.05.2022
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I have my lust,
the gift comes only from my body.
I set my own goals.
I know how to change,
it's not about me,
to let myself be socially absorbed,
and undergo a partnership by mutual agreement,
just because they asked me to,
so I can sleep better and better,
not to live in fear and insecurity,
to stand in love as abandoned.

Love is all around.
In reality, people have not sunk as deep as we fear.
They just never got as high as we thought they were.
Heike Thieme:
My Queens in Sisterhood. And of course we do contact sometimes. This is very very useful ... I just paint and write and speak, that I have seen before in my mind. As if I meet Women then therefore that I have dreamed that I would meet them. And I dream because I have understood things.
And of course I do show them who exist in real, because it is better not to fantasize without any backround, but better to understand reality, and watch out in Love, if you feel, there is something not going good, then it's my lesson, better leave this, and be much happier, that you won't end in pain and grief.

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