Opening the Research Text

Opening the Research Text

Critical Insights and In(ter)ventions into Mathematics Education
Mathematics Education Library, Band 46

von: Elizabeth de Freitas, Kathleen Nolan

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Veröffentl.: 19.12.2007
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An innovative contribution to educational research is to be found in this book. The book addresses the need to generate texts that assist educators and future educators in taking up new research and making sense of it. It offers unique approaches to interpreting research within the mathematics education field and takes its place in a growing set of resources. The book will appeal to teacher educators, student teachers, and mathematics education researchers alike.
In this chapter we interrogate the debate between mathematicians and mathematics educators. This debate is widely recognized in the United States, for instance, where the term ‘math wars’ is often used in reference to the heated disagreements between mathematicians and mathematics edu- tors. Such recognition might suggest that this topic itself has relevance both for the academy and for educational policy pertaining to mathematics edu- tion. We propose to locate this debate, unavoidably, whenever and wherever mathematics education is written. Our aim is to show how the debate itself gives rise to the inscription mathematics education. Indeed, we contend that ‘mathematics education’ cannot be defined outside of, or prior to, the debate, for it is precisely through the debate that it is constituted as a domain for 1 deliberation. The debate is more primordial than any epistémè or domain implied by it. In other words, we argue that mathematics and mathematics education do not exist epistemically prior to the debate. In order to engage this issue we consider a transcription of a panel debate 2 between mathematicians and mathematics educators held in Brazil in 1998 . There is at least a double meaning for the word ‘debate’: it may mean a meeting having a beginning and an end, well-localized in space and time and with a specific proposal or focus, as in the following sentence ‘I am going to see on TV the debate between Bush and Blair tomorrow at 5 pm’.
Foreword to the Research Text: Mathematics education under cross-examination.- Best evidence research redefined in mathematics education.- Mathematics and Mathematics Education—Deconstructing the Math Wars.- Opening the mathematics text: What does it say?.- Comforting Narratives of Compliance: Psychoanalytic perspectives on new teacher responses to mathematics policy reform.- Power Distribution in the Network of Mathematics Education Practices.- Mathematics education in a knowledge market: Developing functional and critical competencies.- Building Political Relationships with Students: An aspect of social justice pedagogy.- Afterword: Bootleg Mathematics.
Elizabeth de Freitas is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Prince Edward Island. She teaches elementary, intermediate and secondary Mathematics methods courses. She also teaches courses on Culture and Society and Postmodern Research Theory to Master of Education students. She coordinates a “Narrative Group” for graduate students using various narrative forms of inquiry. Elizabeth's current research interest include: mathematics teacher identity, critical pedagogy, mathematical discourse and writing, and issues in research methodology.
Kathleen Nolan is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. She teaches undergraduate courses in mathematics and science curriculum in both elementary and secondary teacher education programs, as well as graduate courses in curriculum theory. Kathleen's current research interests include teacher education, mathematics and science epistemology, and critical and narrative research methodologies.
Opening the Research Text
Critical Insights and In(ter)ventions into Mathematics Education

Edited by:
Elizabeth de Freitas, Adelphi University & University of Prince Edward Island
Kathleen Nolan, University of Regina

The provocative contributions to Opening the Research Text reflect current interest in the political and cultural underpinnings of mathematics education. With 22 contributors including both established researchers and newcomers, this innovative research-oriented volume challenges traditional theories and "comforting narratives" of pedagogy through realistic, non-linear scenarios reflecting the ambiguities and power relationships of the classroom. By alternating research chapters with inventive responses (including poetry, concept mapping, graphic novel, and collage), the editors present theoretical as well as practice-based possibilities in areas as diverse as arts-based inquiry and social justice pedagogy, all in relation to mathematics education. These multiple calls to action will inspire readers to:

Rethink the accessibility and impact of their classroom work.

Consider the value of poststructuralist strategies to curriculum theory.

Explore alternate research paradigms in mathematics education.

Trace the intersections of power, economics and mathematics.

Critically examine the discourse of school mathematics and policy documents.

Engage in self-study, writing their own stories of insight and in(ter)vention.

Opening the Research Text asks teachers, researchers and scholars to add to the dialogue that is transforming the mathematics education field, and leads new educators toward insights into their careers and the students and communities they serve. Additionally, the book can be a primary graduate or supplementary undergraduate text in education or mathematics education.
An important resource in the burgeoning field of socio-cultural readings within mathematics education
Offers unique approaches to interpreting research within the mathematics education field and takes its place in a growing set of resources
Generates texts that assist educators in taking up new research

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