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Assassin’s Creed Revelations sees the welcome return of Desmond Miles and his assassin ancestors, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altaïr ibn La-Ahad.

Heading to Constantinople, Ezio will join forces with more assassins, taking on the Templars as he relives Altair’s memories and searches for hidden keys, which could prove to see the end of the Templar and Assassin war.

Revelations also sees the return of online multiplayer, bringing forward new characters and places. With more modes than ever, including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and story orientated quests, there is more to do than ever.

This guide helps you to complete the whole game and after the walkthrough, you’ll see advice on how to unlock content and achievements/trophies.

So lets get started.

Sequence 2: Crossroads of the World

A Warm Welcome

When you arrive, you will be greeted by Yusuf. Follow him and stay close for 100% sync. If you go close enough to him, you will automatically follow him, without you needing to guide Ezio in any way.

When you are confronted by enemies, take them out and carry on following Yusuf.

Enter the Assassin’s Headquarters and watch the scene.

You’ll be told to upgrade your equipment, so head out into the city.

Upgrade and Explore

If you don’t want to explore, you don’t have too. All this mission really entails is to head to the armour shop, which you can find by following the blue marker. Buy the Leather Spaulders and then go to the exclamation mark. Here you will be taught to use the hookblade.

The Hookblade

Follow Yusuf and when you jump, you will be told what to press to use the hookblade. Keep following him, practicing this new skill.

If you look left when Yusuf crosses the clothesline, you’ll find a bird feather. Now go forward [another feather can be found on the chimney].

When you reach a canopy, Yusuf will give you another lesson, this time to show you how to do a long jump. Follow him, jumping as instructed and after your last jump, you can find another feather just behind you.

Now just keep following and you’ll enter a new lesson- how to hook and run. Perform the task as instructed and when you have successfully done this three times, the sequence will end.

The View From Galata

You need to follow Yusuf again and if you climb the tower in under 60 seconds, you’ll get 100% sync.

Upon reaching the top, you’ll see a cutscene, after which you need to go to the wooden beam and activate synchronization.

If you don’t jump off the tower, but instead climb it further, you will find a Memoir Page.

Now you can jump off the end of the beam into the haystack and watch the cutscene.

Advanced Tactics

Follow Yusuf once more. Use the zipline and watch the cutscene. You will be able to take out enemies when using the zipwire.

When Yusuf leaves, head towards the blue marker.

On The Defence

So here, you need to protect your HQ. Follow the on screen prompts to learn how to place people/items.

You need to place defense on the rooftops and ground to stop the enemies taking your HQ.

Placing a leader uses up 10 morale, but this can be gained by killing enemies.

Follow this by placing crossbowman on the roof so that they take out enemies as they arrive.

You can place barricades, do this by selecting them from the menu and putting it on the road. It will stop enemies for a short amount of time.

Once the first batch have been cleared, you can place riflemen. Put them on the rooftops too and watch them take out the enemies.

It will also instruct you on how to fire cannons at the enemies.

When the battering ram is used, add more leaders and as many rifleman/crossbowman as toy can to take it down. Make sure you have lots of barricades up too to slow it down.

On The Attack

Go to the exclamation mark and get on the boat over to Imperial District.