Radioanalytical Chemistry Experiments

Radioanalytical Chemistry Experiments

von: Moses Attrep, Bernd Kahn

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This Manual accompanies the Textbook, teaching radioanalytical chemistry to seniors and graduate students. The manual can be used in conjunction with the textbook to teach a 3-hour lecture course and a 6-hour laboratory. The experiments address a range of practical aspects in the radiochemistry laboratory: use of laboratory and radiation detection equipment, performing specific analyses for radio-iodine, radio-strontium, uranium, and plutonium.
Principles for Radioanalytical Chemistry p. 1

Experiment 1
Practice in Pipetting and Weighing Samples for Radioactivity Counting p. 9

Experiment 2
Radiation Detection Instrument Calibration and Quality Assurance p. 14

Experiment 3
Determination of Gamma Ray Self-absorption in a KCl Sample p. 28

Experiment 4
Preparation of a Beta-particle Self-absorption Curve for 40K p. 33

Experiment 5
Preparation and Standardization of Carriers p. 39
Experiment 6
Preparation of 242Pu Tracer Solution p. 42

Experiment 7
Basic Radiochemical Separation Techniques: Precipitation,
Solvent Extraction, and Ion Exchange p. 48

Experiment 8
Determination of Radium-226 and Radium-228 in Drinking Water p. 64

Experiment 9
Radiochemical Determination of Tritium in Water p. 77

Experiment 10
Determination of 131I in Water p. 83

Exercise 1
Modification of a Published Procedure for the Determination
of Picocurie Concentrations of Iodine-131 in Milk &
The education of the radioanalytical chemist has two critical components: theory and practice. The textbook Radioanalytical Chemistry was designed to address the theory component of this education. This laboratory manual accompanies and complements that textbook. This manual provides a framework for the student to hone their laboratory skills, with emphasis on safety, research, experimental design, instrumentation and appropriate laboratory methods.
Text and accompanying lab manual are both eagerly anticipated by the community of radioanalytical chemists

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